Organic Mullaatha/ Soursop/Graviola/ Hanuman Phal/

Cancer Killing Fruit- Soursop / Graviola/ Mullaatha Fruits/Leaves/ Seeds sent by Courier to anywhere in India.

E26, Pillaveedu Nagar, Pattom Palace P O, Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum - 695004





Pradeep Neeradh

Working Hours :
24 Hr.

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About Organic Mullaatha/ Soursop/Graviola/ Hanuman Phal/

I am a planter of Graviola / Soursop in Kerala.
I have planted 400 Trees for both Fruits & leaves on ground + 400 Plants for leaves alone in grow bags.
Ours is a society of 12 planters, all having more or less the same quantum of plantation.
These are 100% Organic farms. All are welcome to visit our farm.
Perhaps we may be the largest organized Graviola plantaion in India.
In a few months we will start selling leaves / powder / capsule/ tea bag etc. and in 2016 Jan. we will start selling soursop fruits/ pulp / drink etc.
Our present sale/ distribution is from the mother plants, and hence it is very limited.
We are looking for genuine dealers in India and abroad.
Importing from Brazil or elsewhere is extravagant & rubbish only.
Believe It or Not, India is the motherland of Soursop.
Soursop got its botanic name "Annona muricata " from Kerala only.
(In Malayalam Muric = a thorny tree in Kerala, Aata = custard apple or simply fruit).

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