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നവലോകത്ത് കണ്ണടധരിക്കുന്നവരുടെ എണ്ണം ക്രമാതീതമായി വർദ്ധിച്ചുവരുകയാണ്. കുട്ടികളിലാണ് ഈ പ്രവണത കൂടിതലായി കണ്ടുവരുന്നത്. അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെ ഇത് ചെറിയ പ്രായത്തിൽ തന്നെ പരിഹരിക്കപ്പെടേണ്ടത് ഭാവിയിൽ കണ്ണട ധരിക്കേണ്ടി വരുന്നവർ അനുഭവിക്കുന്ന സാമൂഹികവും ആരോഗ്യപരവുമായ പരാശ്രയത്തിന് വിരാമമിടുന്നതിന് സഹായമാവും. ഇതിനു ശക്തമായ ഒരു ബദൽ മാർഗം എന്ന നിലയിൽ ആയ... ുർവേദ നേത്രചികിത്സ ആശാവഹമായ പരിഹാരമാർഗങ്ങൾ നമ്മെ കാണിച്ചുതരുന്നുണ്ട്. ലഘുവായ നേത്ര വ്യായാമമുൾപ്പെടെ മറ്റ് ചികിത്സാമുറകൾ വർഷാവർഷം ചെയ്യുന്നത് കാഴ്ച മാത്രമല്ല നേത്രാരോഗ്യം മെച്ചപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതിനും തൊഴിൽപരമായ മറ്റനേകം വിഷമതകൾ മറികടക്കുന്നതിനും ഒരു വ്യക്തിയെ വളരെയധികം സഹായിക്കുന്നു.+ More

K T George & Sons Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta
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K T George & Sons is one of the best medical shop in Thiruvalla. * English Medicines * Ayurveda Medicines * Veterinary Medicines
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Aswathibhavan Chikiisanilayam established in 1922 by The Late Sri.Muthoor Narayana Pillai to provide an effective alternative to the increasingly popular western medicine. An altruist, welfare of the poor and needy were the first and foremost in his mind. Muthoor Narayanapillai Vaidyan was a man of many talents in addition to being an exc... ellent physician, he was a famous poet author and a social worker. As a Sanskrit scholer he translated many important text in to Malayalam. Kalidasa prasadam and Bhavabhoothi bhavana were selected as text books for university students. Aswathibhavan Chikilsanilayam is the oldest and very successful ayurvedic institution in central Kerala.+ More

K K Medicals Adoor, Pathanamthitta
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All types of English Medicines, Ayurvedic Medicines and Veterinary Medicines are available here. Discount Sale of Surgical Equipments at 5% to 50 %. Service for Hair & Skin Specialist and Cosmetologist in all days. Health & Life Insurance Help Desk

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* OP- IP Facility * Ac-Non ac rooms *Well experienced doctors * Well trained team of male and female therapists * Spacious and hygienic treatment rooms. We are specialized in treating diseases like * Allergic and Asthmatic Bronchitis * Cervical and Lumbar spondylosis * Migraine * Piles * Acid peptic disorders * PCOD * Menstrual dis... orders * Leucorrhoea * Post natal care .etc.....+ More

Ayurdhama Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center Kozhenchery was inaugurated by Sri Ramesh Chennithala M.L.A former Home minister of Kerala In presence of Rev. Lal Cherian Clergy Trusty of Marthoma church. Dr. Vidhya Kurian is in charge of Ayurdhama Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center Kozhencherry. She is a well known ayurvedic physicia... n. She is the grand daughter of Late Sri K.Chacko Vaidyan, Vaidyakalanidhi. He was a well known physician in Central Travancore. Our Specialities Obesity clinic Allergy / Asthma clinic Women's clinic Facilities Well experienced team of doctors Well trained team of male and female therapists. Well equipped and spacious trearment rooms. We are specialized in treating diseases like Allergic / Asthma, Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis, Osteoarthr+ More

Modern Ayurveda Pharmacy Pandalam, Pathanamthitta
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Ayurveda Treatment

Veda Hospital Omalloor, Pathanamthitta
Ayurveda Hospital

Sree Veda Nursing Home Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta
Ayurveda Hospital

Changethu Ayurveda Hospital Elavumthitta, Pathanamthitta
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Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical science practised with great respect and divinity all over the universe. Changethu is the name associated with Ayurveda for generations. Our Ayurveda hospital is managed by Changethu family. Dr. C. B Vipinachandran Nair, the Chief Medical Officer is in service for more than two decades.At Changethu A... yurveda Hospital, Treatments are available for almost all diseases. Spine complaints such as Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Disc Prolaps, Disc Herniation, Disc Dehydration, Scoliosis are treated with manual correction accompanied by Ayurvedic Treatments. Facilities for Panchakarma treatments are also available.Skin Disorders, Allergic Problems, Panchakarma Therapies, ENT & Eye Disorders, Pre-PanchaKarma Treatments+ More

NSS Ayurveda Hospital Vallamkulam, Pathanamthitta
Ayurveda Hospital

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Established in1922 Aswathybhavan Ayurveda Hospital Provide OP-IP facilities for all Ayurveda Treatment, Panchakarma, Ayurveda Massage, Yoga, Diabetic Footwear, Skin Care.

MAVELIL HOSPITAL Adoor, Pathanamthitta

Rishi Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre is one among the famous Ayurveda Hospitals of Kerala by its legacy of 200 years in medical history. They focus on serving the society by providing a wellness solution to lifestyle induced diseases. They provide specialized treatment for Diabetes Mellitus, a major life style disorder the world... is suffering nowadays. Also very effective treatment is available for Arthritis and also for Alzheimer’s disease given by a group of well experienced doctors at their different branches spread all over Kerala. Also special wing for gynecological diseases are available with service of specialized lady doctors.+ More

We are the authorised dealers of Vaidyaratnam P. S. Varier’s Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Chittar.

Veda Hospital Omalloor, Pathanamthitta
Ayurvedic Hospital.