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Arogyam Pure Herbs Calicut City, Calicut
Ayurvedahimachal shares the millennia of ayurvedic experience of effectively treating many common and not so common ailments. Our efforts are directed for sensible approach to the simple Herbal Medicines that are immensely effective, safe and reasonable for all practical purposes. All of our Herbs are naturally grown, pure and sanctified ... by the innate healing power of nature. These all natural, herbal medicines help one to divest any acute and chronic health ailments. We guarantee authentic, real and Pure Ayurveda. Each click on this website will lead you closer to complete health, harmony and happiness. Enjoy holistic health with us.+ More

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Highlife Ayurvedic Multispecialty Hospital has achieved great heights in success due to the dedication and efforts adhered to the tradition of authentic Kalari. Marma Chikithslayam High life Ayurveda Hospital is a genuine ayurvedic treatment centre situated in the town of Mukkom (Calicut Disrict, Kerala). The hospital is well known ... for its traditional approach to treatment, coupled with modern day techniques and evaluation. We incorporate the traditional Kalari Marma Chikilsa along with ayurvedic panchakarma chikilsa. Majority of the cases dealt here are diseases of bones and joints ( fractures, dislocation, low back ache, Disc prolapse, rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, osteo arthritis etc…) Our Facilities include spacious, hygienic, well-furnished A/C and non A/C rooms, Kerala style tasty and nutritious food,+ More

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Ayurvedic Medicine Shop. All kinds of Ayurvedic Medicines, Herabl Products Etc... Available. Authorised dealers of All branded Medicines

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Ayurveda Hospital & Medical Shop. Ayurvedic Doctor's Consultation, Medicines, herbal products, Cosmetics Etc...

GURUKKALS CHIKILSALAYAM and KP CHANDRAN GURUKKALS SMARAKA kalari sangam is located in Puthuppanam, Vadakara, Kozhikode Kerala , India, the place renowned for the legendary kalari payattu warriors Thacholi Othenan ,Ambadi, Unniyarcha, The great Kunjali Marakkar . Here we are providing both kalari training and kalari chikilsa and Ayurvedic ... treatment. Our chikilsalayam have both inpatient and outpatient facilities. We provide treatment under the guidance of kalari gurukkal (Muhammad gurukkal), who is an expert in kalari chikilsa and here we have Ayurvedic doctors, Vidyas, and therapist to support chikilsa. For ladies female therapist are also available. We have a wonderful medicinal garden .+ More

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Hospital and Research Center Calicut Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre is a well equipped, authentic and traditional 150 bed treatment centre in Keral, located adjacent to the 'Iruthully' river at Chathamangalam(NIT), a tranquil and relaxing place in Calicut district. The main objective of the team behind the hospital is... to promote and present the thousands of century past health science in its purest form, as the ultimate remedy for each and every illness modern man faces today. Diseases like Arthitis, Skin diseases, Allergy, Sinusitis, Head ache, Low back ache, cervical and Lumber Spondylosis, Disc Prolapse, Diabetes, Hypertension etc. are treated here with atmost care. We also have special units for Heart block, Diabetes, Piles, Kidney Stone, BPH, Mother and Child health etc. We have lots of tourists f+ More

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Ayurveda Hospital & Medical Shop. Ayurvedic Doctor's Consultation, Medicines, herbal products, Cosmetics Etc....

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Ayurveda Hospital & Medical Shop. Ayurvedic Doctor's Consultation, Medicines, herbal products, Cosmetics Etc....

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Ayurveda and Panchakarma Hospital. Ayurvedic Doctor's Consultation, Medicines, herbal products, Cosmetics Etc...

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Infertility Evaluation/Treatment Psoriasis Treatment Hair Loss Treatment Arthritis Management Gastritis Treatment Skin Tag Treatment Obesity Treatment Skin Treatment Fever.

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Sreevaidyanatham is a leading Ayurveda hospital in Calicut, Wayanad. We are providing all treatments of Ayurveda in Wayanad and Calicut along with yoga and Kalari marma. . We believe that understanding our customers is the best way to serve them therefore offer everlasting hospitality and value relationships. Our experienced team of docto... rs and therapists in Calicut, Wayanad is oriented towards providing personalized services that offer you the best possible treatment of ayurveda in Calicut.+ More

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Hospitality, Nursing, Life style diseases curre, mental health care, asthma eradication, health care unit 24X7.

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Ayurveda Hospital . Ayurvedic Doctor's Consultation, Treatments, Medicines and all other herbal Products

Find the complete range of hospitals including both private and public healthcare establishments in Calicut

With a solid and acclaimed healthcare base and multiple providers, in Calicut provides the best treatment centres and most skilled health professionals. We provide the entire list of single-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals that render world-class healthcare at affordable prices. Here you can find information about and compare the hospitals in Calicut according to their facilities, specialties, staff reputation and affordability.

These multi-specialty hospitals treat all kinds of medical problems like cardio, ENT, Oncology, Urology, Nephrology, Infertility, Dental and more. These top-notch healthcare centres maintain global standards with premium infrastructures, cutting-edge equipment and some of the best medical specialists in the country. Choosing the hospital for your ailment is important and we got you covered with the reviews and ratings which show the quality and experience of the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do the hospitals in Calicut offer health check packages?

Aimed at early recognition and prevention of diseases, most of the hospitals provide a range of comprehensive health check packages custom-designed for different age groups and disease profiles. These packages include diabetes check-up, full-body check-ups, heart check-ups, paediatric check-ups, health check-ups for women and more including physician’s guidance.

2. How to choose a qualified doctor for my ailment?

There are different categories of specializations under which you can search the best-suited doctor for your health condition. There are few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the doctor in Calicut like qualification, experience, and feedback about them.

3. Do the hospitals in Calicut have a pharmacy facility available?

Most of the hospitals provide 24 hours pharmacy facility to the patients with well-stocked medicines, at affordable prices.

4. Do they support the medical insurance facility?

Yes, most hospitals in Calicut support medical insurance facility including cashless hospitalization if they are listed under their particular Network hospitals.

5. Do the hospitals provide ambulance services for emergencies?

Most hospitals in Calicut provide 24/7 ambulance services that would help to reduce the medical emergency cases and ensure timely delivery of medical care to patients in the locality.