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Physical and Mental problems completely recovered through compounded treatments. Medicine free energy treatment Reiki Hipno Reiki Yoga Platinam Re Meditation Mahatma Energy Meditation Please contact for treatment and training Uasana Yoga & Reiki Clinic Pacha, Chekkidikkad, Alappuzha P K Anilkumar(Reiki Master &... Teacher) : Reg. No: KNR/CA/861/2016 99572 60352 Yoga Training 3rd Batch Admission starts in November+ More

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Chethana psychotherapy centre has a highly specialised team of therapists with outstanding credentials and expertise in the treatment of mental health issues.We use psychological techniques to tackle distorted thoughts and behaviour with the aid of various psychological techniques like counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy , clinical h... ypnosis , relaxation techniques , yoga and meditation.Our sister concern Siddhartha conducts courses in yoga and yoga therappy for asthma, hypertension , arthritis cardiac problems cervical spondylosis.We focus on induviduals,couples in crisis,teens,crisis intervention and anger management.We also deal with sleep problems lack of concentration and depressed mood.We are here for you,for your physical health and mental well being.Workshops for students to overcome exam phobia and copping with acca+ More