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OMEGA MOBILE STORE Sultan Bathery, Wayanad
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Due to Covid-19 Lockdown regulations, we request you to call and confirm the operational hours and product availability

Mobile City Sultan Bathery, Wayanad
Mobile Sales & Service

My Mobiles Sultan Bathery, Wayanad
My Mobiles The Complete Mobile shop

My Mobiles Sultan Bathery, Wayanad
The Complete Mobile shop

Next Communication Meenangadi, Wayanad
Due to Covid-19 Lockdown regulations, we request you to call and confirm the operational hours and product availability
Mobile phone sales and service. Mobile accessories Branded Mobile phone and Second Hand mobile phone etc.....

Experience the hassle-free, expert and quick mobile service solutions from the service centres in Wayanad .

As mobile phones become an integral part of our lives today, any small glitch face by it should be addressed as it is not always feasible to discard and buy a new one each time. Here is an extensive list of mobile service centres in Wayanad which will be the one stop solution for the complete life cycle management of your mobile phones. These centres are capable of repairing every type and model of phones within a short duration and optimum cost. Whether your phone is Android, IOS or Windows, these centres cover all, with technicians who are experienced in servicing all brands and OS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which all issues of the phone will be handled by these mobile service centres in Wayanad.?

Almost all issues with the smartphone including, shattered screens, battery drainage, SIM card problems and adjustments, display issues, data connectivity problems, data loss, overheating, touch screen issues, software issues, charging problems etc are diagnosed and fixed by the experts in these service centres.

2. Will the service be affordable?

Yes, in Wayanad mobile service centres can offer you affordable rates for repairing your smartphones.

3. Will I lose my data including photos and videos while servicing?

There is a chance of losing your data while doing repair services to the mobile phones and it is always advisable to take a backup of all your important data before giving it for service. The data loss also depends on the type of repair that is done.

4. Do they offer any exchange services?

Yes, most of the mobile services centres in Wayanad will provide you exchange services wherein you can replace the old phone with a new one or another model at the optimum prices. Some also have exchange offers which can be used by the customers for a best deal.

5. Do they provide warrantee for their services?

It mainly depends on the type of service done to the mobile. While some centres offer time-based warranty others do not. You should check with the service provider regarding this, before giving your mobile phone for any services.