Clear Fluids

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Design, construction & maintenance of swimming pools and spas. Retail sales of swimming pool accessories, filters for pools and water treatment.

TC 27/400-3 General Hospital Road, General Hospital Junction, Trivandrum - 695037

Working Hours :
9AM - 6PM
About Clear Fluids

We are a company setup by a team of qualified Engineering professionals, who are well well experienced in the design, construction & maintenance of swimming pools & spas. We provide quality construction of pools, swimming pool accessories & filters for pools & portable water treatment.

Our aim is to provide our clients with quality products from various reputed manufacturers and to build pools & relationships that will last for a lifetime. We give top priority in providing you with competitive pricing and being eco-friendly.

Your each transaction with us will always be transparent, based upon pre determined rates and zero cost overruns. Customer satisfaction shall be our salient trait.

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