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Intelligent Public Toilet: We never fail to maintain toilet hygiene at our home but that is not the case in public toilets. On top is the acute shortage of labour for cleaning lavatories. The Timed pressure sprayers, perforated floors, auto-flush and the stainless steel body helps in self-cleaning of our toilets.
Our toilets are made using stainless steel on the inside and aluminum composite panel outside. One of the main reasons for this is because it is ‘stainless’. In addition to resisting stains, it is tamper proof, corrosion free, and lasts for a lifetime in good condition.
It is commonly observed in public toilets that people tend to spoil the door handle, switches, tap knobs, or flush knobs by rough use. By automating these operations, there is no need for any manual intervention except manually bolting the door from inside.
We have developed a unique design that makes cleaning effective. For e.g., our floors are perforated

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