Karate, Kung - Fu, Kobudo & Kalarippayattu in Thrissur

  • District : Thrissur
  • Subcategories : Karate, Kung - Fu, Kobudo & Kalarippayattu
We provide quality Training and Guidance who dreams of getting trained in martial arts combined with Fitness and Sportsman spirit in the long run. We have professional trainers for the training of our students. We are the best trainers for Muay Thai Bora at Ernakulam.

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The KURO OBI Shotokan Academy is one of the best martial arts training centers in Thrissur district with a series of curricula designed to accomplish the best for results for each age range of each of our students. Here at KURO OBI, we are devoted to what we teach our students and how they utilize what they are taught. Our school is focu... sed on quality instruction. We expect our students to train and perform to the best of their abilities each and every time they attend the class. This skill has been honed for our students through Master Tomy's own practice and study in martial arts, as well as the adaptation for different age groups and skill levels.+ More