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Anna Aqua Pets P.O.Kottat, Chalakudy,Thrissur (DT) Kerala, India 680307, Kottat, Thrissur - 680307





Working Hours :
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
About Anna Aqua Pets

We are a large-scale specialized farmers dealing with all kinds of fresh water aquarium fish business in Kottat-Chalakudy-Kerala, India. We have our own breeding farm with convenient transportation to Cochin International Airport. Our place (Kottat)is located just 3 KM far from NH47 and hardly 4 KM from Chalakudy Town.

Our farm is an organic (Eco- Friendly) farm. We are using natural methods for water filtration and water quality of our farm is excellent and pollution free. The aquarium fish is extremely beautiful and lovely and has a good reputation from domestic customers.
We are selling the following exclusive freshwater fishes in domestic market

1. Oscar

2. Angel

3. Guppies

4. Platty

5. Swordtail

6. Flower horn

7. Morph

8. Devil

9. Severums

10. Gawrami and more..

We have bulk numbers of fishes in the above varieties. Our fish collection is more than 10, 00,000.You can select from the whole collection.
Visit us once and see our massive colle

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