Mazhapolima Monitoring and Coordination Unit

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Mazhapolima Monitoring and Coordination Unit Pudurkara Road, Ayyanthole, Thrissur - 680003


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Jos C Raphael

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About Mazhapolima Monitoring and Coordination Unit

Mazhapolima Programme helps for Open Well Recharging through rainwater harvesting measures. If you have no sufficient water in your open dug well / Kinar during summer or if you get only poor quality water from the well, we help you to recharge your well through water conservation measures, rainwater harvesting and ground water recharging methods. It is a project under Thrissur District Administration, Government of Kerala. District Collector is the Chairman of Mazhapolima. The basic technique involved in this method is to direct roof rainwater with the help of PVC pipes and gutters into the open dug well after simple filtrations or direct the roof rain water near to the well so that well aquifer get recharged. In the coastal area, the saline content or yellowish color of the well water can be made purer by this method. The cost of this method is very nominal. We have already recharged successfully more than 7000 wells and made them usable and dependable for summer.

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