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Archana Subhash Counselling Centre Chandranagar, Palakkad
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Everyone goes through emotional and psychological issues from time to time. Nobody gets a training in handling relationships so the problems keep building up inside. Consulting family members and friends may help at times, but mostly they make matters worse. It is advisable to consult a professional when you are facing family or relatio... nship related issues. An honest and open session with a Psychologist will clear your doubts and give you a fresh outlook to deal with tough situations in life.+ More

Enlight Counselling Center Kallepully, Palakkad
Enlight Counselling Center is one of the best Counselling Center in Palakkad .

Suchitra Counselling & Wellness Centre Vadakkanthara, Palakkad
Suchitra Counselling & Wellness Centre is one of the best Counselling & Wellness Centre in Vadakkanthara, Palakkad .

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Similia homeopathic healthcare centre... Best homeopathic clinic where homeopathic doctors are trained in classical homeopathy and offer personalized comprehensive care after detailed research and analysis. Here we have the best homeopathic doctors to heal you!

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"Entora Institute of Behavioural Medicine (EIBM) is a psychological service clinic providing quality mental health services to individuals experiencing psychological difficulties. In order to cater to the needs of the individuals we have a group of Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, and other mental health experts who are qualifi... ed and passionate in helping individuals to achieve optimal mental health and improving overall wellbeing with confidentiality. With a focus on behavioural medicine, we offer a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Take the first step towards a healthier mind and a happier life with Entora Institute of Behavioural Medicine (EIBM)."+ More

Bodhita Psychological Services Elappully, Palakkad
Today ( 09:00 AM To 07:00 PM ) Closed
Are you Feeling Depressed? Are you feeling Stressed? Are you feeling Emotional? Are you overwhelmed by the current state of affairs, dealing with a loved one's health or loss, anything that disrupt your ability to function...? Consult a mental health professional! There are various treatment options for menta... l health issues. It is important to remember that everyone's mental health is different. Mental health is equally important to physical health. But people find hesitation to openly discuss about it because there is always stigma associated with mental health. Society always put a label to mental health. Asking for help if feeling uneasiness is actually a sign of courage. Don’t let stigma makes u feel shameful. Share your issues with professionals and it will be strictly confidential.+ More

Free online counselling Chalissery, Palakkad
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Qualified psychologist and counsellor. Help given for writing projects in Psychology. Completely free service. Visit my website Only online service available. Confidentiality assured. For more details visit my website.

Consultant Psychologist & Behavior Therapist Shoranur, Palakkad
Experienced in dealing with all kinds of developmental, cognitive and behavioral disorders across all age groups - Autism and Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Disability, Autism spectrum disorder, Global developmental delay), Communication and Learning Disorders (Specific learning disorder, Academic or educational problem), Attention... -Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders (Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, Oppositional defiant disorder, Conduct disorder), Anxiety Disorders (Panic Attacks, Phobias, SAD, GAD,OCD), Cognitive Disorders (Stroke and related problems, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.) Counselling – Child/Adolescent, Student, Individual, Parental, Pre marital - Marital and adjustments, Family+ More

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