Biriyani Rice/spices/dry Fruits in Kollam

  • District : Kollam
  • Subcategories : Biriyani Rice/Spices/Dry Fruits
*Home delivery only* Delivery within one day on order Delivery days _Wednesday ,Friday and Sunday_ Monday holiday( do not take orders) Time 9 to 6 *Grocery items, food items bakery items vegetables, meat and fish in a touch reaches near you We are hearty welcoming to our new venture *Ashtamudi Dream Products engaged in the gro... cery items ie: for our daily needs especially focused on your well being due to this lock down period in a reasonable price at your door steps. Our services include: Arrange all the grocery items considering all the factors Quality Based on health quantity based on number of members And at the affordable price Homemade pickles like fresh lake water fish ,Vegetables We are very much pleased and dedicative to serve you as per your needs. By consuming our homemade products you feel t+ More