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National child development council (NCDC)is a New Delhi based self governing ISO 9001-2015 certified national organisation working for Education and welfare of women and children In India since 2004. NCDC also has participant status in United Nations Global Compact, Newyork,USA. The main aims and Activities of NCDC 1. Protect the righ... ts of children and working for the welfare of women and children. 2. Develop scientific and psychologically moulded training methods. 3. Improve the quality of child education. 4. Conduct premarital and post marital councilings programs. 5. Abolish the child labour and child begging. 6. Give timely,valuable suggestions and advices to Govt and other organisations. 7. Conduct different training programs for parents, children and teachers.+ More

majestic art gallery Cheruvathur, Kasaragod
available in all type of kerala traditional and creative mural paintings,,,artist by vipin iritty ,search in google "vipin iritty artist"

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