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MANAS TRACTORS Kasaragod, Kasaragod
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Withum Kaikkottum Kasaragod, Kasaragod
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"Withum Kaikkoottum" is located in KMA Complex, Addoor, Kasargod. Is a Agricultural Farm and also have somany Agricultural Products like * Seeds * Fruit plants * Agricultural Plants * Ornamental Plants * Ornamental Birds * Fish Agricultutral machines for Rent. * Grass Cutting Machine * Paint & Polish Compressor ... Machine * Wood Cutting Machine * Garden Drimming Machine * Vehicle & Interlock Cleaning Machine Contact : 9961106546+ More

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St. Jude Herbals is the only manufacturer of Plantopathic formulations (Plantopathy - A New Branch of Science for treating Plants). This is the only dominant of pesticides. These products cures the suffering plants over fungal, viral and bacterial diseases, results will be visible within 72 hours. Plantopathy also save the money of a farm... er by 66% of the current rate. As it's an herbal product, i.e. herbal extraction in alcohol it doesn't harm anything & the rain doesn't wash away the applied formulations as said in pesticides, because they are applied to the root of a plant. There is no risk of regular application. Overall this is a breakthrough invention with great market potential. It is also patent protected. St. Jude's is doing an awful job by dominating pesticides filtering out their side effects.+ More

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All kinds of fruit and flowering plants available at reasonable rate. Landscaping and servicing. Guidelines for planting and caring plants are given. Landscaping designing is done by us.

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Organic Insecticides, Pesticides, Manure Etc... Abtec Cowdung, Bio Organics, Super Meal, Abtec Cocopeat, Abtec Grow Bags Etc...

Rabitus Kasaragod, Kasaragod
Rabitus Rabbit Farm

Choose the best quality agricultural products from the wide range of professional dealers in Kasaragod

Agricultural products and commodities include a wide range of products that are essential for the cultivation of plants, animal husbandry and as a whole, enhancement of human life. These products are the life force and reason for the sustenance of various life forms on earth. You can find an entire range of agricultural product dealers in Kasaragod, who sell products that are good to the soil, people and planet at affordable prices.

The agriculture product consultants and dealers in Kasaragod provide a wide variety of plant nutrition and soil health products, agro-based products, farm products, and agro commodities to increase the profitability and productivity of every farm. They help you to make correct choices to pick up products which are of the highest standard with a professional approach and top-class customer care services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  Which all products are sold through the agricultural product dealers in Kasaragod?

The products sold through these dealers are seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, soil media for plant growth, irrigation and farming tools and equipment and many more.

2. Do the agricultural product dealers in Kasaragod have a home delivery option?

This largely depends on the dealers that you choose. While some avail home delivery options others do not.

3. Are they selling quality agricultural equipment?

Yes, most of the dealers have their quality check process done for the agricultural equipment that they sell and certified by the concerned authority too.

4. Do they accept card payment?

Yes, most of the dealers in Kasaragod accept card and cash payment along with other online payment methods.

5. If I find the product, not to my satisfaction can I return it?

You need to check it out with the individual dealers to know about their return and refund policy.