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St. Jude Herbals is the only manufacturer of Plantopathic formulations (Plantopathy - A New Branch of Science for treating Plants). This is the only dominant of pesticides. These products cures the suffering plants over fungal, viral and bacterial diseases, results will be visible within 72 hours. Plantopathy also save the money of a farm... er by 66% of the current rate. As it's an herbal product, i.e. herbal extraction in alcohol it doesn't harm anything & the rain doesn't wash away the applied formulations as said in pesticides, because they are applied to the root of a plant. There is no risk of regular application. Overall this is a breakthrough invention with great market potential. It is also patent protected. St. Jude's is doing an awful job by dominating pesticides filtering out their side effects.+ More

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All kinds of fruit and flowering plants available at reasonable rate. Landscaping and servicing. Guidelines for planting and caring plants are given. Landscaping designing is done by us.

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Organic Insecticides, Pesticides, Manure Etc... Abtec Cowdung, Bio Organics, Super Meal, Abtec Cocopeat, Abtec Grow Bags Etc...

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