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Koott Wellness PVT. LTD. West hill, Calicut
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At Koott, we’re bringing powerful transformation to individuals in a world where 13% of us need psychological help, and 7/10 individuals' productivity is reduced due to a lack of mental health support. Our mission is to help individuals to pursue their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and passion. We ensure world-class coachi... ng, counseling, therapy, and psychiatry with the experts in the industry, and with our proven effectiveness embedded with the latest technology, we make sure to create hyper-personalized experiences that motivate and inspire individuals.+ More

Review about his new book; Life is full of stress and stressors. Man is striving on the grim path of life for material things and fellow human beings, to be understood by them, thinking that this understanding of us by others will lessen their suffering. In his journey, he attempts to find solace in philosophy, cone-men, drugs and ... medicines, political ideologies and even in suicide. Every means people adopt is a way to find an answer to the upanishadic query, “Willed by whom is the mind functioning like this”? Human beings cannot have a life without stressors and stress. It is universally accepted that optimum levels of stress can act as a creative, motivational force that can drive people to achieve incredible feats (eustress). Chronic or traumatic stress (distress) on the other hand, is potentially very destr+ More

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