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ക്ലിനിക്കൽ ഹിപ്നോസിസ് & കൗൺസലിംഗ് മാനസികപ്രശ്നങ്ങൾ പരിഹരിക്കാൻ ഉപബോധമനസിന്‌ ശാസ്ത്രീയ ഹിപ്നോട്ടിക് ചികിത്സ. എല്ലാവിധ മാനസികസംഘർഷങ്ങൾ, മനോദൗർബല്യങ്ങൾ, ഉത്കണ്ഠ, ഭയം, അപകർഷത, ദേഷ്യം, വിഷാദം, പഠനപ്രശ്നങ്ങൾ, ദാമ്പത്യലൈംഗികമാനസികപ്രശ്നങ്ങൾ, ശാരീരികരോഗങ്ങളുടെ മാനസിക പ്രത്യാഘാതങ്ങൾ, മനോലക്ഷണങ്ങളോടു കൂടിയ ശാരീരിക അസുഖങ്ങൾ എന്നിവയ്ക്ക്... മരുന്നില്ലാത്ത ക്ലിനിക്കൽ ഹിപ്നോസിസ്. ഏകാഗ്രതയ്ക്കും ആകർഷകവ്യക്തിത്വത്തിനും ഓട്ടോഹിപ്നോസജക്ഷൻ പരിശീലിപ്പിക്കുന്നു. ക്ലിനിക്കൽ ഹിപ്നോസിസ് ൽ 27 വർഷത്തെ പരിചയസമ്പന്നത. മുൻകൂട്ടി സമയം നിശ്ചയിച്ചു വരിക. ബിസിനസ് വിജയത്തിന് മോട്ടിവേഷൻ റിലാക്സേഷൻ തെറപ്പി മെഡിറ്റേഷൻ ഹിപ്നോസജക്ഷൻ ai Chi മെഡിറ്റേഷൻ കൊല്ലം പരവൂരിൽ Tai Chi മെഡിറ്റേഷൻ - sports moving meditation - പഠിക്കുവാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നവർ വിളിക്കൂ 9747443755. ദിവസം ഒരു മണിക്കൂർ 25 ദിവസം. വൈകുംന്നേരം 4.45 മണിമുതൽ 5.45 മണിവരെ.+ More

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Family counselling, marriage counselling, personal counselling, parent/student counselling – your counsellor is just a phone call away. No need to fix an appointment to share your issues, concerns and worries. Just dial now and open your heart. You can share those important matters on Whatsapp too. You may then arrange a meeting or counse... lling session at a venue of your choice. Your counsellor will take care of you, support you, help you sort out whatever problems you have and lead you towards a happier life.+ More

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Counselling Centre. Counselling Services for Individuals, Children, Family, Couples, Students Etc..

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Child Mental Health Clinic Adolescent Mental Health Clinic Clinic for Sexual Health Family Counselling Pre Marital Counseling Marital Counselling Family counselling and therapy Family Therapy Counselling to solve interpersonal Conflicts Mental Health Clinic Personality Development Risk Behaviors Behavioral Problems of school g... oing children Effective & Healthy Family relationships Childhood Mental Health Problems Possibilities for psychiatric disorders in school going children Sex education Life skills training for school going children Problems of the children Problems of adolescence Why children are backward in studies Learning Disabilities in children Effective study skills Effective parenting Family problems Personality Disorders Alcoholism Teenage Drug Abuse+ More

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Wellness clinic, a self sustained specialty clinic that provides the service of experienced fellows with academic backing from nationally and internationally relevant institutes, helps children, adolescent and adults to learn grow and succeed in their life. The team of clinical psychologists, special educators, audiologists, speech langua... ge pathologists, occupational therapist and physiotherapists offer the best reliable therapeutic services.+ More

LITMUZ Calicut, Calicut

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Roots & Routes Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre started it’s life 10 years ago by DR. SUBIN VAZHAYIL with the aim of providing high quality affordable counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, welcoming environment. The centre has developed a reputation for counseling, psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Brain Wave Therapy and DMIT. Al... though independently run, the Centre’s philosophy has always been to offer psychological support to as many as possible regardless of ability to pay and so has always provided some low cost counseling. During its journey, the Centre became well known for its high quality counseling.+ More

We are doing all kinds of councelling , Training Programmesm Stress Management Class, Paranting Classes, Motivation Classes

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Mind Power Boosting * Controlling anxiety and nervousness * Enable to handle high pressure situations more easily * Helps to reduce depression * Memory Boosting * Helps to Improve learning ability * Reducing exam fear * Overcoming stage fear * Boosts confidence* Counselling for sexual problems * Counselling for Behavior disorders *Meditat... ion * Relaxation * Stress Relief * Brain Relaxation *+ More