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About Green Water Concept India Pvt Ltd

Green Water Concepts (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an environmental management company with strong technical expertise. Green Water Concepts is functional in January 2011 in Kerala.

Iron removal units, sand/ multi-grade/activated carbon filters, softeners, UV system, RD plants, ozonators, Ultra filtration, Waste water treatment plants, bio digester, swimming pool filtration, disinfection system and accessories, Treatment plant design and consultancy services

Our mission
To provide pure water which is safe for drinking and other purposes, more over securing a clean environment to our customer with most professional, efficient and reliable water treatment service.
To offer top quality eco-friendly material that command public trust.
To follow superior ethical policies in business practice by keeping customers apprised of the costs and options associated with their service requests.
Green Water Concpets (India) Pvt. Ltd., is backed by a team of hard core professionals and environmental engineers who have extensive experience and exposure in water & waste water management.

Domestic water purifiersWe offer different ranges of domestic water purifiers with or without RO systems under the brand name PEARL. The Six stage water purification ensures the drinking water always safe, pure, clear and free from disease causing microbes and protozoa. The choice of domestic water purifier is soley based on water quality. Additional features can be added to the domestic water purifier as per the requirement.


10 LPH Filtration Capacities

All Impurities (0.0001 micron size) in the water are totally Removed
Easy auto flushing system
Easy to install under kitchen sink or hang on wall
All the components used in it are as per the stringent quality standards

5 or 6 Stage Filtration

Sediment Filter
Carbon Block Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
RO Membrane
Post Carbon Filter
UV System

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Reviews about Green Water Concept India Pvt Ltd

A water treatment company managed by professionally qualified people who have extensive knowledge and multi-national experience in water treatment process. Focus on Quality. Reliable.

November 22, 2017