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Vegetable Merchant Association

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Kozhikode District Merchant's Welfare Co Operative Society

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Association of Vehicle Owner's Kerala ( AVOK)

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Gandhi Gramam Projects

Jaiva Karshaka Samithi Calicut City, Calicut
Reqdy to help & Support for ,those are interested in Jaiva Krishi.

Kerala malanad karshaka produce co-op. marketing society

Indian Radiological and Imaging Association(IRIA) is promoting the study, practice of Diagnostic Radiological and Imaging Modalities including X-ray, Ultrasound, C.T., M.R.I., PET CT/MRI and other Imaging Modalities Radio-Biology,Radiation Medicine, Molecular Imaging and Interventional Radiology and other related subspecialties/super-spec... ialties.+ More