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Chirapurathu Constructions Chengannur, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
CHIRAPURATHU Building Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service civil engineering firm that works with architects, builders, and developers on large-scale construction projects.

Archadeo Homes Mavelikara, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 08:00 PM ) Open Now
The secret to Archadeo's successful building construction projects is a transparent approach with no hidden charges, the use of high-quality materials, and prompt completion. We make certain that the architects and designers extensively discuss the clients' aims and ideas, and that the insights are incorporated into the plans an... d timetable. You'll have the best team working on every aspect of your project, from agreement to quotation, approval of the numbers to work beginning, to supervising the development to final project handover; you'll have the best team working on every aspect of your project, leading to successful completion on time. Archadeo Homes LLP, situated in Mavelikara, Alappuzha, is one of Kerala's leading building construction and development enterprises, specializing in all aspects of r+ More

Allegro Builders Pvt Ltd. Ramankary, Alleppey
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Allegro Builders Pvt. Ltd.P is incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India 2017. It is classified as non Govt. Company and is registered at register of companies Ernakulam. Allegro involved in Building Installation Process ( These activities are usually performed at the site of construction although part of the job m... ay be carried out in a special shop- repair of installation are also included in the corresponding sub classes. Mr. Kunjumon is Building Civil Cadd, DC Eng., Kitco Certificate holder(Civil) Central Govt. Certificate holder in Landscaping. Construction , Plan and Estimate, Interior, Landscaping, Designing, Building Maintenance, Renovation, Project Planning & Management, Quality Survey & Manpower Supply, Engineering Survey, Plan Approval Service.+ More

S A Constructions Builders and Contractors Cherthala, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 09:00 PM ) Open Now
Building Planning, Building Contract, 3D Designing, Interior Design, Estimation, Architect Drawing, Vastu Consulting, Site Supervision etc.

Techno Homes Engineers & Contractors Eramalloor, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
Civil works / Contractors, Construction Work, Building Construction for Flats & Villas and other construction works

Kasi Builders Mararikulam, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
Building Contractors & design, architectural, building plan and estimate, the complete vastu designing etc.

mason works Mayithara market, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
എല്ലാ വിധ masonery ജോലികളും മിതമായ നിരക്കില്‍ ചെയ്തുകൊടുക്കപെടും

R K Homes Alappuzha, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 05:00 PM ) Open Now
The Complete Solutions for Building and Construction works

Amrita Builders & Constructions Cherthala, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
It has executed a diverse and far-reaching portfolio of major Villa / Residential house construction projects. Our clients recognize our commitment to deliver the high standard of quality work, within the time schedule and within budget. Our goal is to provide high quality service in a quick, efficient manner while remaining affordable by... redefining lifestyles and techniques; the Amrita Builders have built an unshakeable reputation. We give priority for the ethics, trust and Client satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art construction techniques and equipment, we have earned a dominating reputation as one of the most professional contractors in the industry. We set high standards for everything we do and we have a reputation for providing lasting value for our customers. We meet all your basic home improvement needs. We have a highl+ More

C P S Construction Cherthala, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
Building trusting, long-lasting relationships with every client is the foundation of our business. Masters Touch is a premier design/build construction firm consisting of home designers, interior designers, and master craftsmen who work in harmony to ensure your project is completed to the highest level of standards, on-time, and on budge... t.+ More

A V M Builders Eramalloor, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
AVM Construction. Development. 'As we said, rising to the challenge, keeping versatile and offering you the best. quality in design and construction is what ...

Habiat Builder Paravoor, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
* Turnkey Projects. * Designers & Builders - Building plan,Elevation,3d Views,Interior,Plan in Vasthu Shasthra & Detailed Drawings etc Permission Drawings from Panchayath, Municipality or Corporation.Preparation of Estimation for Loan approval, Project Management

K M A Construction & Interior Alleppey, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 07:30 PM ) Open Now
KMA Construction Is one of the growing establishments which has over many years of experience in various business like Real Estate, Construction, Interior designing etc, Within a shot span of time, We rewrote the rules of graceful living by completing projects and acquired a unique position in the art of home- making * Building Construct... ion & Contracting * Plans & Estimate * Interior Designing * Renovation * Steel Fabricated Homes Our Team will create a 3D model of your entire building system to translate the schematic design into a steel construction system with a panalized exterior skin. Ecosteel designs exclusively with pre-engineered steel building components Advantages * long life span * Air cooling systems * Low Maintenance * Weather resistant * Save 25Z electricity+ More

Bhaimi Consultant and Construction Cherthala, Alleppey
Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:30 PM ) Open Now
Villa/Flat Buying tips. Tips to Remember When Purchasing Flat / Villa. Purchase should be from a reputed builder. Site should have free and broad accessibility.

Skyway builders Kayamkulam, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 08:00 PM ) Open Now
All building AtoZ Work. Only Alappuzha Pathanamthitta Kollam district Starting sq feet rate 1650 full Work. Finishing with gypsum and cupbord Work. Brand Materials only ... Labour contract 320 starting

Aditi Homes Cherthala, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
We would like to introduce ourselves that we are one of the leading and reputed Architect Firm engaged in building Dream Homes in accordance to the requirement of Client’s Idea and Plan in Kerala. We are providing our services on all Kerala basis with a core of satisfied and happy customers by our services.

mizpha constructing Kallumood, Alleppey
ഏറ്റവും കുറഞ്ഞ ചിലവില്‍ സ്വന്തമായി ഒരു വീട് എന്ന നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വപ്നം യാഥാര്‍ത്ഥ്യമാക്കാന്‍ നിങ്ങളും ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നില്ലേ ? പുറംമോടിയുടെ സൗന്ദര്യംകൊണ്ടു മാത്രമല്ല, ഹൃദ്യമായ അകത്തളം കൊണ്ടും സമ്പന്നമായിരിക്കണം ഒരു വീട്... വെറും 1700രൂപ സ്ക്വയർ ഫീറ്റ് നിരക്കിൽ 100% ഗുണമേന്മയുള്ള വീട്. ആധുനിക രീതിയിലും ഗുണമേന്മയുള്ളതുമായ വീടുകൾ ബ്രാൻഡഡ് ക... മ്പിനികളുടെ മെറ്റീരിയൽ ഉപയോഗിച്ച് 1700 രൂപ സ്ക്വയർ ഫീറ്റ് നിരക്കിൽ നിശ്ചിത സമയത്തിനുള്ളിൽ നിർമ്മിച്ച് കൊടുക്കുന്നു. • ഒന്നാംകിട തേക്കിൻ തടി , ആഞ്ഞിലി തടി , ചീലാന്തി തടി , പ്ലാവ് ഉപയോഗിച്ചുള്ള വാതിലുകളും, ജനലുകളും, കിച്ചൺ കപ്‌ബോർഡുകളും. • ഏഷ്യൻ / ബർഗർ / ഡ്യൂലകസ് എന്നിവ ഉപയോഗിച്ച് പെയിന്റിംഗ്, പ്രൈമർ, പുട്ടി, . • എല്ലാ റൂമിലും ഹാവെൽസ്, വി-ഗാർഡ് ഉപയോഗിച്ചുള്ള എ/സി & ഇൻവർട്ടർ വയറിങ്. • ഹാവെൽസ്, ക്രാബ് ട്രീ, ലെഗ്രാൻഡ് തുടങ്ങിയ ബ്രാൻഡുകളുടെ മോഡുലാർ സ്വിച്ചസ്. ബ്രാൻഡഡ് കമ്പനികളുടെ ലൈറ്റുകൾ, + More

Varuna Agencies Haripad, Alleppey
Today ( 09:00 AM To 07:30 PM ) Open Now
Dealer and Suppliers of All kinds of Building Constuction Materials

Today ( 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
We do all civil works throughout Kerala. We also deal with interior works and gypsum ceiling works of commercial and residential spaces

Today ( 09:30 AM To 05:30 PM ) Open Now
World class capabilities for today's toughest architectural, engineering and logistical challenges. A passion for building that has fueled our success for over 15 years. The various projects constructed include residential building and commercial complexes. We specialise in construction of projects on turn key basis. From design to c... onstruction and furnishing, all services are provided under one roof. Our team of professionals promise delivering value in every phase by meeting your deadline, protecting your investment and ensuring peaceful living.+ More

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