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NEO ENERGY Kowdiar, Trivandrum
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NEO ENERGY, an approved service provider- Govt. of Kerala. We are the manufacturer of high-performance Biogas Plant (Fiber) & Bio Incinerator for residential and commercial purposes. We have a strong customer base from Corporate to Govt. Departments and Institutions all over India.

Fame tech Solution Pvt.Ltd Pappanamcode, Trivandrum
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HOW TO DUMP WASTE FROM YOUR OFFICE OR HOME EVERYDAY? If you feel it a headache? Here is an advanced solution for you. Most welcome to you in the world of venture where process of waste management by way of solar energy thus limits dumping the waste on earth, otherwise make the living space to be a city of garbage and waste cr... eating foul smell. Bid goodbye to the present crisis Fame Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd. come out with a wonderful invention, patent from govt with Hybrid Technology, which would take care of our environment being exist as a protective mother forever. We, with great pleasure introduce ourselves as the pioneer manufacture and trading in waste management incinerator-HIGHMOUNT- with the future technology at present. We herewith enclosed a pamphlet for your perusal. If you want to know more details abou+ More

NEO ENERGY INDIA Trivandrum City, Trivandrum
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Introduction NEO ENERGY ,is engaged in the field of Renewable energy technologies which mainly consist of waste Management and also to generate energy out of waste in the most economical, efficient and cleaner way. Our area of works includes research in Bio-Waste Management, Non-conventional Energy and Energy Conservation Programs with ... high-quality expertise and innovative products. We plan, build and Install with sustainability, flexibility and quality in order to make available to the end user a highly economical BIOGAS plants. • WASTE TREATMENT BIOGAS PLANT • INCINERATOR • WASTE WATER TREATMENT Highlights of NEO ENERGY Technology High On - Performance/Safety/Quality  Multi stage Digester Technology – This technology is adopted for different types of feedstock through anaerobic digestion in multiple stages.  Caps+ More

VCare environmental service is Bangalore based a solid waste management solution provider with 4 years of experience. At present we are serving more than 38 institutions across south India. We have solutions varying from Single house waste management to Big Tech parks and malls and housing complexes .