DC infotec

An institute for electronics and IT solutions.As an ISO certified institution; we provide aid to electronics & CS academic projects .Perform all kinds of website designs. Offers PSC affiliated courses like DCA & PGDCA and other diploma course

2nd Floor Alma complex South Poly junction,Tippu sultan road, Thriprayar, Thrissur - 680567





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About DC infotec

The computer science and electronics programs at DCinfotec offers an ISO certified project programs certification that prepare you for the fastest growing job sectors and highly valued academic scales. We drive you to new innovations and opportunities in your specified technical academic milestones, where finally every aspect of your life. The primary objective of the course is to provide students with instructions and practical experiences in advanced methods and techniques of the selected project framework. The experience is gained in the context of a short long term research project designed to produce specimens applications which will support further lab analysis and eventual publication of project results in hardcopy and soft copy as well. Computing your projects utilizing hi-tech components, skilled guides, reference documents, online study materials and of course for a less fee structure around you campus itself

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