Chennai Aqua Pets Park

special offer price for kennel products and cages and fishes

Chennai Aqua Pets Park, bend of cheerachi ollur NH 17 near ollur cheerachi, between chiyyaram and christopher nagar, Ollur, Thrissur - 680303





About Chennai Aqua Pets Park

Chennai Aqua Pets Park is Located near Cheerachi bend, between chiyyaram to christofer nagar, and we deal with all types of pets especialy Dogs-puppies, chains, leashes, belts,chooving items, biscuits, foods, and other playing toys cleaning products, shampoo, soap, special imported cages with cleaning tray and other latest products for kennels all leading pet foods. Birds-special collection of peigions-pouter, mudino, king, satin, fantail, siras..etc and fancy chickens- silky, sabritan phantom, Silver lace, hasil, italiam phantom, kochin phantam, milliflour, polish cap, giriraja,country chicken, polish cap, brahma, gini, turkey, goos, duck, flying duck etc...and ginipig, rabit, whit mice, persian cat, hamster etc. and show budgies, love birds, finjes, african love birds, cocktail, conier, java, grey parrot and phesanta all types ...etc and we deal all imported cages with cleaning tray and special facilities, imported mantain free aquariums with special ornamental fishes all variety

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