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About Endasys Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Endasys Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd was established in Singapore. Through our steady research we started to engineer and develop Rapid Web Based ERP configurator platform in ASP.Net Framework. We started to get into commercial Singapore market as platform developers .
Endasys is a firm that never compromises in performance and feasibility of our products. We started to develop our 4th generation ERP platform in NODE.JS which is going to be the future ERP systems. As the technology is developing the concept of ERP system is also changing from software to software as a service (SAAS) and even into mobile ERP. The rapid web based platform known as USC (unique solution configurator) is equipped with custom workflow configurator and also can generate the mobile ERP application of the same workflow which is directly integrated to the core system which enable all the users with a real time data.

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