AVP Ayurveda Hospital

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The treatemets are carried out under the guidance of well qualified & experienced Ayurvedic doctors !!

100 Feet malampuzha Road Sekharipuram, Sekharipuram, Palakkad - 678010


0491 2578308


DR. K . Babu

About AVP Ayurveda Hospital

* Pizhichil
* Udwarthanam
* Sirodhara & Sirovasthi
* Kadivasthi
* Abyangam
* Naasyam
* Kizhi
* A/c & Non A/c rooms are available. re - energise with our boundless choice of Ayurvedic treatments.Specialised Treatments: sleeplessness, Alcoholic, Disk prolapse-IVDP, Arthritis, Parkinson Disease, Diabetics (DM), Hair falling & Dandruff, cancer, Pediatric disease, Blood pressure(BP), Psoriasis, Piles, Disk prolapse, Back pain, Strock,Obesity, migrane, Nurve problems, Alergy problems, All skin diseases, Family problems. 7 days, 14 days and 21 days special Treatment and Packages available.

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