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MW TECHNOLOGIES, Portugal develops innovative specialty optical fiber sources based on fiber optic technologies. Pulsed Fiber Lasers Broadband and Narrowband ASE Fiber Sources Optical Fiber Amplifiers Laser Diode Drivers (Pulsed, CW)

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About Laser Tech Consultancy Services


Sub: Laser Diodes for Gas Sensing, Metrology, Aerospace, Atomic Clock, Test & Measurements, Fiber Optic Communication

Products: Diode Lasers from 760 nm to 2350 nm
Mfr. Eblana Photonics Ltd, Ireland
Laser Diodes for Aerospace, Medical instrumentation, TDLAS based Gas Sensing, Test & Measurement, Fiber Optic Communications, Remote Sensing and Atomic Clock etc.

The Eblana Photonics supplies single wavelength laser diodes across a wide range of NIR wavelengths. All of our single mode diode lasers exhibit superior line width properties compared to typical DFB lasers and our wavelength range extends from 760 nm to 2350 nm. We can deliver custom lasers at specific wavelengths in a range of package formats.

DX-1 Module: Laser Diode Module with integrated Driver (Current Source & Temperature Controller):- This is a fully integrated unit, specifically designed to incorporate any of Eblana's existing DM laser diode butterfly package products, delivering precise TEC control and an ultra low noise current source for optimised laser performance. The DX1 driver module complements Eblana's range of single wavelength laser diode products designed for gas sensing, advanced fiber communications, metrology, interferometry and aerospace applications. The compact housing measures just 28 x 50 x 72 mm and ideal for OEM work.

Eblana has supplied lasers to a range of Aerospace applications, including the European Space Agency's (ESA) next generation atomic clock development program. We provide Custom laser solutions for projects, engineering co-operation, and OEM.

Laser diodes for TDLAS based gas sensors. TDLAS is a robust and the most reliable gas sensing technology compared to the traditional electrochemical or the (IR) infrared gas sensors.

1) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detection - 2004 nm
2) Methane (CH4) detection - 1654 nm
3) Moisture (H2O) detection -1392 nm, 1854 nm & 1877 nm
4) Ammonia (NH3) detection - 1512 nm
5) Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) detection - 1278 nm
6) Oxygen (O2) Detection - 760 nm
7) Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Detection - 1742 nm
8) Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection - 1571 nm, 2327 nm
9) Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Detection - 2108 nm
10) Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Detection - 1580 nm
11) Rubidium Based Atomic Clock - 780 nm
12) Strontium Based Atomic Clock - 689 nm
13) Optical communications (1310 nm & 1550 nm NLW-Narrow Line Width)

Optical Gyroscope, LIDAR, Precision Distance Measurement, Remote Sensing, Perimeter Security, Short Haul Fiber Comms, 10Km + Fiber Comms, Coherent Communications, Advanced Fiber Comms, and Laser Diodes for optical communications applications (1310 nm & 1550 nm NLW).


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