Day Care/play School in Manganam

  • Locality : Manganam
  • Categories : Day Care/Play School
Himaharsham Preschool is a gathering of children from 18 months of age to 4 years who have established independent walking. Within a nurturing environment, Montessori-trained teachers foster the development of gross and fine motor skills, independence and language. A typical Himaharsham Preschool week includes arts, crafts, puppetry, move... ment, painting, sculpting, pottery making, story time, singing games, healthy outdoor physical play, and the learning of social courtesies. We provide high standards of care and excellent facilities to provide the individual attention and stimulus that your child needs to feel happy and confident when you are not around. We host experts with several years of experience and conducted various researches to understand and identify the concerns that parents have, especially working parents about the+ More

Today ( 09:30 AM To 06:00 PM ) Open Now
Vacation Classes start on March 28, 2016. Play School, Nursery, Day Care, After School, Weekend School. Activities for Childrens above 2 years and Adults. Classical Dance, Classical Music, Break Dance, Yoga, Guitar, Organ Craft, Fabric Paint, Oil Painting, Drawing and Painting, Flower Making, Pot- Glass Painting, Shadow Painting.