Latex Centrifuges, Bio Toilets in Ettumanoor

  • Locality : Ettumanoor
  • Subcategories : Latex Centrifuges, Bio Toilets
Are you facing problems due to machinery vibrations, or increased downtime due to rotor damages, or high maintenance costs due to frequent bearing failure, then here is a solution. Indian Centrifuge Pvt Ltd can provide complete repair and rebuild services for centrifuges, fan wheels, rotating elements, housings, and dynamic balancing ... for large and small fans, centrifuges, motors, rollers etc. Repairing and rebuilding worn or damaged equipment takes top priority at ICF. We understand the down time due to fan failure means lost production revenue. So, repair/rebuild jobs are moved quickly through the plant. This is why ICF maintains a dedicated group of repair and rebuild specialists who focus solely on the need requiring re-manufacturing so that the critical lead times can be closely managed.Our vast array of testing and re+ More