Lotus Water Fountain in Cheeranchira

  • Locality : Cheeranchira
  • Subcategories : Lotus Water Fountain
C P Water Features Cheeranchira, Kottayam
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UMBRELLA FOUNTAIN / BELL FOUNTAIN / MUSHROOM FOUNTAIN This silent nozzle is ideal for indoor Fountains in Hotel Foyers, Reception Areas or any sheltered area or Garden where there is no strong wind. It has a built-in adjustment which regulates the diameter of the bell. A clear, thicker sheet of pulsating water rises around a centre p... oint and falls in a 360° circle. There is very little sound or splash. Effective as a cooling and/or evaporative spray. Ideal for small areas which are free of wind. Made of machined cast bronze, polymer and brass with adjustable top cone to adjust thickness of water and spread. FOUNTAIN KIT This fountain is in great demand to installation of houses, hotels and other related places to enhance the beauty of the place with regulation of the flow of water. Know More About C.P. WATER FEAT+ More