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Medical store in Changanacherry - The Best Price for Medicines in Changanassery 15-70% Discount on all English Medicines.Free Home Delivery in Changanacherry. ചങ്ങനാശ്ശേരി Marettu Towers ൽ ജന ഹൃദയ മെഡിക്കൽസ് പ്രവർത്തനം ആരംഭിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. ജൂൺ 23 മുതൽ പ്രവർത്തനം ആരംഭിച്ച ജന ഹൃദയ മെഡിക്കൽസിൽ മികച്ച വിലക്കുറവിൽ ( 15% മുതൽ 70% വര... െ ഡിസ്കൗണ്ടിൽ) ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് മരുന്നുകൾ ലഭ്യമാണ്. ഇന്സുലിന് 18% വും ജനറിക് മരുന്നുകൾക്ക് 70% വരെയും വിലക്കുറവിൽ ലഭിക്കുന്നു. ചങ്ങനാശ്ശേരി ടൗണിൻറെ 5 കിലോമീറ്റർ ചുറ്റളവിൽ Free Home delivery നൽകുന്നു. Loyalty and membership scheme കൾ ഉൾപ്പെടെ മറ്റു പല offerകളും നിങ്ങൾക്കായി ഒരുക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നു. Call 9074476420, 8129431525 for 15-70% discount on Medicines and for free delivery+ More

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Multi speciality dental clinic, root canal treatment, dental implants, smile designing, fixed teeth in single visit etc

Janatha Medicals Changanassery, Kottayam
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Medical Shop. All kinds of English Medicines, Health Products, Sanitary Napkins and all other Medical items

Kohinoor New Medicals Changanassery, Kottayam
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Medical Shop. All kinds of English Medicines, Baby foods, baby napkins, health drinks, vitamin food supplement etc..

Scanron Diagnostics Changanassery, Kottayam
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Scanron Diagnostics in Kanjirapally boasts of a state-of-the-art centre, which is fully equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. From the time service-seekers walk in, they find themselves in a healthy and hygienic environment and also at the hands of a knowledgeable team, available to assist and guide with the procedures. The array of ... diagnostic services available under its roof are Diagnostic and many more. The tests and examinations are carried out in private screening rooms taking into consideration the comfortability of the clients. Appointments can be booked in advance in order to avoid waiting time. The centre ensures to hand over the test reports within a span of four hours to a day, thus adding up to the convenience of getting results on the same day. You can book appointments by directly calling on the numbers: +(91)+ More

Thomson Medicals Changanassery, Kottayam
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All kinds of English, Ayurveda, Veterinary Medicines, Baby Foods,Sanitary Napkins, Surgical Items Etc..

Doctors Dental Care Changanassery, Kottayam
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Dental clinic with all facilities. Specialist in kids and family dentistry

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Homeopathy & psychiatry. The institution of Homoeopaths Kerala is the India’s largest voluntary professional organization of Homoeopaths, comprising all categories of qualified Homoeopathic practitioners.

Amma Physiotherapy Clinic Changanassery, Kottayam
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At The AMMAPHYSIOTHERAPY, we focus on providing exceptional clinical excellence and great customer service to our patients. We offer a range of expert services to our patients and our Chartered Physiotherapists engage in continual evidence-based education programmes in order to remain at the top of their profession, so you can be assured ... of high quality care.+ More

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Medical Shop

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Medical Shop

Xess Innovations Changanassery, Kottayam
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All Types Of Surgical Products,Fitness Equipments

Dreams Dental Care Changanassery, Kottayam
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Dreams Dental Care in Kottayam offers a host of treatments and cures for a wide range of dental ailments faced by the patients. Few of the dental procedures they offer range from inducing fillings and repairs in the tooth, undertaking root canal surgeries, applying crowns (caps), bridges and implants, teeth whitening as well as extraction... s (surgical removal) of cavities/milky /disfigured/wisdom teeth.+ More

Smile Miles Changanassery, Kottayam
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Dental Clinic

Christina Eye Clinic Changanassery, Kottayam
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Eye Clinic,Eye Care

Thamarapally Ent Clinic Changanassery, Kottayam
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Ent Clinic,Eye Care

Diet & Obesity Clinic Changanassery, Kottayam
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Diet & wellness clinic Obesity clinic Child obesity clinic Adolescence diet clinic Malnutrition Clinic Diet counselling & Diet plan for diseases Diet clinic for life style diseases Diabetic diet clinic Under weight diet clinic

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Homeopathic Clinic.Homeopathic Doctor's Consultation, Medicines and Treatment Etc....

Kosamattom Health Care Changanassery, Kottayam
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Hospital Services

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Infertility Centre. High Tech Super Speciality Hospital for Gynaec, Laproscopic Surgeries, Infertility and Urogynaecology

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Ayurverveda Pharmacy. Dealers of all types of Ayurvedic Midicines and Products & Doctor's Consultation Fascility Available.

Vengal Dental Clinic Changanassery, Kottayam
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Dental Clinic with all Facilities. Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry, General Dentisry, Prosthodontic treatments Etc........

St.Thomas Hospital Changanassery, Kottayam
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At St. Thomas Hospital our philosophy of care represents more than a viewpoint; it’s a commitment. Every member of our team has pledged to make the ICARE Commitment their personal responsibility, giving our patients and families care that is supported by the highest order of compassion, innovation, science, and technology. That ICARE Comm... itment starts with a partnership. When you come to the hospital you bring more than an illness or condition; you bring your hopes, individual needs, and personal experience. That’s why a caring relationship with patients and families is paramount to everything we do. We have the medical knowledge. You carry the experience and expertise of knowing your own body. Your family provides valuable emotional support and information that can help the medical team. We believe this collaboration will h+ More

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Government Health Organisation

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Hospital with all Facilities. OP/IP Departments, Laboratory, Pharmacy, X Ray, ECG Etc... and 24 hours Services

Find the complete range of hospitals including both private and public healthcare establishments in Changanassery, Kottayam

With a solid and acclaimed healthcare base and multiple providers, in Changanassery, Kottayam provides the best treatment centres and most skilled health professionals. We provide the entire list of single-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals that render world-class healthcare at affordable prices. Here you can find information about and compare the hospitals in Changanassery, Kottayam according to their facilities, specialties, staff reputation and affordability.

These multi-specialty hospitals treat all kinds of medical problems like cardio, ENT, Oncology, Urology, Nephrology, Infertility, Dental and more. These top-notch healthcare centres maintain global standards with premium infrastructures, cutting-edge equipment and some of the best medical specialists in the country. Choosing the hospital for your ailment is important and we got you covered with the reviews and ratings which show the quality and experience of the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do the hospitals in Changanassery, Kottayam offer health check packages?

Aimed at early recognition and prevention of diseases, most of the hospitals provide a range of comprehensive health check packages custom-designed for different age groups and disease profiles. These packages include diabetes check-up, full-body check-ups, heart check-ups, paediatric check-ups, health check-ups for women and more including physician’s guidance.

2. How to choose a qualified doctor for my ailment?

There are different categories of specializations under which you can search the best-suited doctor for your health condition. There are few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the doctor in Changanassery, Kottayam like qualification, experience, and feedback about them.

3. Do the hospitals in Changanassery, Kottayam have a pharmacy facility available?

Most of the hospitals provide 24 hours pharmacy facility to the patients with well-stocked medicines, at affordable prices.

4. Do they support the medical insurance facility?

Yes, most hospitals in Changanassery, Kottayam support medical insurance facility including cashless hospitalization if they are listed under their particular Network hospitals.

5. Do the hospitals provide ambulance services for emergencies?

Most hospitals in Changanassery, Kottayam provide 24/7 ambulance services that would help to reduce the medical emergency cases and ensure timely delivery of medical care to patients in the locality.