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Giving the resistance & support just Rs. 150.

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Arwin Abraham

About Friends Share Consultancy

We all are busy and cannot trace the whereabouts of a particular company’s share. If we heard about a news about a particular company, the price of the same at higher level, because some peoples related to the company knowing it very early. At the time of flashing the news the company related guys selling the same at high level. As the result the price will decrease. I am a small day trader for the last 3 years I have lose enough money in these years. Now-a-days I am trading with my CHART, as the result I am earning money. I am ready to give the resistance and support on NSE shares for 3 days for free at arwin.abraham@yahoo.in TEN GOLDEN RULES FOR DAY TRADING SHARES. Don’t play with newly issued shares for atleast 3 days, because it is highly volatile. Surely you may loss money with its up and down movement. Calculate your risk by using the CHART. I couldn't type the rules due to lack of space. I will be in yahoo messenger arwin.abraham@yahoo.in

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