Centre For Human Perfection (Living In Wellbeing)

Positive Health & Wellbeing, Stress Management, Meditation, Counselling, Happiness Programs, NLP

Centre For Human Perfection Residency Road, Kollam, Kollam - 691001




Dr Purushothaman

Working Hours :
Monday to Saturday 3pm to 8pm | Sunday 9am to 5pm
About Centre For Human Perfection (Living In Wellbeing)

Living In Wellbeing is the Official Program of Centre For Human Perfection, aiming at Positive Health & Wellbeing, Freedom From Stress & Strain, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical Values, Harmony, Happiness, Universal Peace & Love. We are conducting the following programs (Both Online & Offline).
(1) Stress Management Programs
(2) Wellbeing & Wellness Programs
(3) Positive Health & Healthy Living Programs
(4) Mental Health Programs
(5) Meditation Programs
(6) Counseling Programs
(7) NLP Programs
(8) Mind & Mind Control Programs
(9) Happiness Programs
(10)Programs on Human Life Themes

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