Restaurant in Keralapuram

  • Locality : Keralapuram
  • Categories : Restaurant
Hotel Ezhuthani Keralapuram, Kollam
This restaurant without a nameplate and the eccentric looks is infact one of the most iconic restaurants in Kollam City. Ezhuthani Kada as it is popularly known is located at Keralapuram on Kollam to Kottarakkara Road. Dinner hours will be the best time to visit this restaurant, which is open from 8 am to 10:30 pm on all days of the week.... Mutton Curry and Mutta Roast two of the main side dishes they serve at this place Started in 1948 by Meera Sahib, this is a place, which is adamant on staying as it was without much change. From the old but renovated building in which it functions, to the preparation of the dishes, everything still remains the same as it was from the time of its inception. May be that’s the reason why generations of families who pass through this area still chooses this restaurant to dine in even after so ma+ More