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About Amruth foods

AMRUTH HERBAL PRODUCT enhances sexual energy in a natural way by the use of herbal plant Mucuna Pruriens (Naikurana) which had been used by Aurveda Physicians for making stimulative medicines about eight centuries ago. The essence of Mucuna Pruriens (Naikurana) plant purified in milk, stimulates Pituitary Gland and connected nerves resulting long lasting sexual power.

AMRUTH HERBAL PRODUCT is 100% vegetarian, 100% natural product, 100% safe and 100% preservative free. Mucuna Pruriens powder contain protein, minerals, calcium, manganese and high nutritional value also.

Direction for usage

1. One spoon full of powder mix in boiled and chilled milk and take early morning before any food.
2. Diabetic patients take the same in boiled and chilled water.

Interested persons sms their full address with pin code to 8129098555
and AMRUTH HERBAL PRODUCT reach you by registered VPP within 8 days. Pay Rs.840/- and collect the packet.

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