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Josco Educational Consultancy Kottayam, Kottayam
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Josco Educational Consultancy is the pioneer in professional education since 1995. It was established with an objective of facilitating excellent educational options for the students. With quality credentials, our trustworthy service guides students to reach the best possible academic heights. With A decade of excellent experience, Jos... co Educational Consultancy helps students to find admissions in the top colleges in the country. Today, we represent various institutes, colleges and universities from Mangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala etc. We also serve , SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT,DUBAI, MANGALORE ( H.O )+ More

Fiveland Multi Services Pvt Ltd. Paippad, Kottayam
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FIVELAND MULTI SERVICES PVT LTD We Provide Job Visa & Immigration Service From 15+ Experience. HOMEABOUT+RECRUITMENTS+EMPLOYERS+JOB SEEKER+CONTACT 15+ Years of Your Trust and Recommendation We are fiveland multi services pvt Ltd , a lot of organizations talking about faith, but in five land group, we move this conversation. By wor... king together, we were sensitized to the various aspects of different business purposes, which helped create a good attitude for each other. Furthermore, every Deemster immediately sees the larger picture of building a career and can get towards it. But the most significant thing we discovered is that we will never lean behind. This desire to achieve a job in this competitive world is what we serve our clients providing suitable jobs We have always been passionate about our work and we believe t+ More

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