Interlocking Bricks in Kottayam

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C A Antony ,trichur, And Co. With the continuous growing demand for good quality roof tiles in India, we at C.A. Antony & Company, a known Leader of Quality Bricks, Tiles, Clay Pavers and Face Bricks in India,CA Antiny & Company (Trissur) are now committed to providing good quality roof tiles resourced from the best manufacturers... worldwide. Clay roof tiles have been made in India since ages but the manufacturing systems remain the same and the performance and life of these locally made roofing tiles does not compare anywhere close to these modern terracotta roof tiles being provided by us. We are providing these roofing tiles in India from one of the leading manufacturers in the world, Boral of Australia and are committed towards delivering quality clay roof tiles with the backup of Boral, Boral is perhaps one of the fe+ More

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Solid and Hollow Bricks, Interlock Tiles * Boxer * Apollo * Capital V * Spanish * Hero Diamond * Colour Codes * Granite Stone * H-Paver * Zigzag * Wonder Rocks * Excel Stone * King All Kinds of Paving Blocks and Bricks suitable for your Home at Affordable Prices. 6" Solid, 4" Solid, 4" Soli... d (16"), 8" Solid, Interlock Bricks, Diamond(.4sqft), King(.5sqft), Grass paver(.85sqft), Cobble stone(.76sqf), Granite stone (.68sqf), Capital 3d(.5sqf), Jet(.72sqf), Surya(.5sqf), Elite 3d 70mm(.5sqf), Excel(.54sqf), Spanish(.62sqf), Himalayan rock(.7sqf), H paver(.7sqf), Excel square grip(.44sqf), Capital V 3d(.34sqf), Wonder rock(.7sqf), Garden rock(2.20sqf), Kashmir stone 1(.7sqf), Apollo(.86sqf), Dumble(.4sqf), Smart rock(.7sqf), Alpha(.44sqf), Beta(.22sqf), Gama(.11sqf), Paris r+ More