Nutmeg Punnathanam ('Punnathanam Jathy')

Extra ordinary nutmeg plant and seeds.

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Shajan Varghese

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8 am - 6 pm
About Nutmeg Punnathanam ('Punnathanam Jathy')

‘Punnathanam Jathy’ (An extraordinary Nutmeg plant)

Shri Varkey Thomman (74 years), is a farmer educated up to the 6th standard.. He has received appreciation from several organizations including All India Radio, Devikulam and Mathru Bhumi daily. He has developed a new variety of Nutmeg.

The new `Punnathanam jathy' (nutmeg - Myristica fragrans) variety is the result of systematic selection from the seedlings planted at Koottakkallu, Kottayam in 1968 from a collection of seeds. Several experts from agriculture studied this variety in detail and have certified its superiority.
The new variety developed has large fruits. Compared to 120 dried nuts per kg of local varieties, the number in this variety is 40 dried nuts per kg. More importantly, the quality of mace (dried fibrous aril, covering the testa of the fruit) is much better. Weight of 250 filaments of mace is 1 kg almost four times that

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