Chicken in Pathanamthitta

  • Tag : Chicken
  • District : Pathanamthitta
Nice Distributors Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta
Today ( 09:00 AM To 06:30 PM ) Closed
Distributors of SUGUNA CHICKEN:- Curry Cut 450g, Curry Cut 900, Drumstick 450g, Liver 450g, Boneless Leg 450g, Whole Leg 450g, Lollipop 450gms & 2kg (Bulk), Heart 450g, Gizzard 450g, Hot wings, Whole Chicken ( 1kg, 1.100kg, 1.300kg, 1.500kg), Boneless Breast ( 450gms & 2kg(Bulk)), Drumstick 2kg (Bulk), Shawarma Chicken 2k... g (Bulk), Chicken Sausage (150g), Chicken Nuggets (200g). VENKYS:- Whole chicken- Chicken Burger Patty( 300g,500g), Chicken Nuggets( 300g,500g), Chicken Pops( 300g,500g), Chicken Sausage( 300g,500g), Chicken Cheese Nugget( 300g), Chicken Salami Roll (480g), Chicken Cutlet ( 300g), Chicken Hotdog ( 400g), Chicken Breast 2Pcs (430g), Chicken Finger(500g), Chicken Breakfast Sausage (500g), Chicken Meat Ball(500g), Chicken Seekh kabab (500g), Chicken Frycut 20pcs (2kg), Chicken Shwarma Bonless,+ More