Upasana Retreat

Modern Old Age Home for Men and Women with modern facilities in a Home.

Upasana, 33/4251A, No: 14, Ushus Resident Association East of KSHB Colony, Malaparamba, Calicut - 673009




Syed Ali

Working Hours :
24 Hours
About Upasana Retreat

Upasana Retreat, Retirement Home for the Elderly; is a modern concept of Old Age Home located in the heart of Kozhikode with proximity to hospitals and religious centres and in a fully furnished building. Entry is permitted to both men and women. Inmates always feel that it’s their own home and not just a place to be looked after and the Inmates and their relatives take an active part in the planning and decision that affect the individual needs of the inmates. Upasana Retreat - Retirement Home for the Elderly is just another home nearby where the Inmates feel that they are living with their children and grandchildren as they feel the love care and pamperness from everyone in the home.

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