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If you are applying for a bank loan , it is a win-win situation . The banks accrue revenues by the interest you are paying for the loans and you are getting capital amount for investing in your dream project . in-order to avoid the risk factor the bank is undergoing in financing the depositors money for your business , they usually con... duct a study in to your business or idea and the person behind the project . Here the promoter ( that is you ) have to convince the bank with every details relating to your proposed business idea and your personal details . These data when put in the form of a standard framework and submitted to the bank with due projections regard to its viability , feasibility and above all , the profitability . Such a report often helps the bank and its authorities to take a decision regarding the credit an+ More

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Mudra bank Projects , SME loans , Agriculture loans and Personal loans Any business in any commodity set-up by any individual ,partnership or organization working under financial assistance from any bank or any other lending institutions is called business loans . Every bank is having their own unique brand name to easily identify th... eir schemes . The amount eligible for the customer and the schemes very from bank to bank and the customers stake in business also varies . So before proceeding with idea of a small business the customer is expected to contact more than one bank and select the scheme according to his convenience+ More