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Lords Artificial Limb Centre, Near College Of Engineering, Kulathoor Road, Kulathoor Road, Sreekaryam, Trivandrum - 695581
9995888754 / 0471 2597719

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Business Description.

A High-Tech Limb fitting & Rehabilitation Centre founded in 1992, A Centre of Caring & Relief for the Handicapped, We Cover all levels of amputations of upper and lower limbs, Limbs made using latest Fibre Glass/Leather/Polymer Technology with Automatic Knee Lock & Friction Free Adjustments for Comfortable & Durable use, The Modularity & Flexibility of the System enable the Patient to find the most appropriate fit for his/her requirements, We have High-Tech Microprocessor Controlled Artificial Limbs from ENDOLITE India Ltd (A Collaboration of ENDOLITE England) and also OTTO BOCK (Germany)

Business Highlights.

 We offers High-tech Artificial Limbs; Orthotic Appliances

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