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Cadd centre

Silver stone Infotech, Kuruppam Road, Thrissur Town, Thrissur - 680001
9846079023 / 0487 3292913
Shiju Verghese

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Business Description.

We are the first ISO 9001 certified CADD centre in Thrissur.Our ultimate aim is to impart quality education to students and enable them to become successful professionals. We have eminent faculties who strives hard for the success of their students by offering them high quality training . The branches of SSIT offer different courses. Training in Updated softwares is given and project submission by students add more value to the course. At dream Zone's school of Interior design and fashion design, we equip our students to challenge the ways in which people percieve an office or a home. Working with specialists tutors from within the industry, we teach the skills needed to practise as a professional portfolio of work.

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