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Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd

Delma Complex,3rd Floor, Shornur Road, Trichur Town, Thrissur - 680001
9847543763 / 04872322270
Justin Joseph

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Established in 1993, and one of the first ISPs in India, Asianet Broadband provides a full range of high quality services to the Corporates, from the latest in high speed Broadband Internet access and allied services such as end-to-end leased line, VoIP, Broadband Internet, Web Hosting & Website Development. Within a short span of time, Asianet Broadband (a division of Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd, the largest Cable TV has become Kerala's largest Broadband ISP with more than 1 Lakh subscribers, through out the state and becomes No 1 ISP across India in its category. Asianet Internet Service is already available in all major towns across Kerala. The company is also geared to implement an ambitious plan to create Information Highway by laying an Optical Fiber backbone that would provide statewide connectivity and also inter-link the company's various local networks.As an ISP, Asianet Broadband looks at being a user-friendly provider of Internet access.

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