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Muthoot Fincorp Ltd

Muthoot FincorpCorporate Office, Muthoot Centre Street : Punnen Road, Punnen Road, Punnen Road, Trivandrum - 695034
0471 3911430 / 0471 3911550

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Business Description.

Gold, apart from being one of the most reliable investment options, acts as an instant source of money, satiating our urgent financial needs. Pledging this precious metal, incase of need and emergency has been a practice for centuries: it does not differ in the modern times too as Exemplified by the increasing number of customers who make use of gold loan facility of various banks and financial Institutions . Muthoot Fincorp Ltd , a NBFC registered with the RBI , is a mass provider of finance in the form of gold and other loans . With over 2000 branches spread across towns and villages of India . Muthoot Fincorp's long-standing experience , expertise and stonghold in the semi Urban and rural areas have enabled the Company to provide quick , customized finance options and investment. Products , maximizing returns to the population. The loan products of the Muthoot Fincorp are Uniquely structured to serve people who do not have easy access to mainstream commercial banks.

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Reviews (1)

Jose Prakash on November 9, 2014

Jose Prakash

I appreciate foe the services provided by Pattom branch on Sunday. As it was Sunday I was Really in a deep trouble to get the money via MoneyGram till I get it fm your branch.Thanks for the service .

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