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Vaidya Ratnam Oushadhashala

Ollur, Thrissur, Ollur, Thrissur - 680306
9446053370 / 0487 2352338
M R Suresh

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Business Description.

Discover the blissful healing of Ayurveda at Vaidya Ratnam- continuing with its single minded focus to spread the healing goodness of ayurveda Vaidya Ratnam Oushadhashala, The legendary Ayurvedic Institution , offers the centuries old knowlwdge of life in its pristine form. Without compromising the essence and sticking to core traditions. Offering holistic while staying true to the instituitional mission.” let everyone in this world attain happiness”

Business Highlights.

Panchakarma, Sirodhara,pizhichil,kizhi,thakradhara,nassyam etc

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