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A Scientific Calculator is an indispensable tool, at least for the current generation of students in all engineering streams. Fortunately, Scientific Calculators without data connectivity is permitted in the class rooms as well as in university examinations, and for most of the competency tests viz. GATE, IES, CPWD, DRDO, etc. It is a reality that massive underutilization of learning resources worth hundreds of crores of rupees is seen unnoticed in the education field too. In line with the overall development of computer technology, even the standard scientific calculators come packed with many advanced features. Surprisingly most of the calculators in use in our country belonged to a single foreign brand and imported to India by paying millions of dollars in foreign exchange. The big question of the hour is that, do we utilize its full features, in order to lighten our calculation load?

Business Highlights.

With specialised coaching, learn to use your scientific calculator more effectively. Books, Training and Demonstration Classes available, anywhere in India.

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