Valluvanad Construction

specialized in Nano Nalukettu, Nalukettu, Ettukettu, renovation. For more videos Please visit our Website.www.valluvanadconstructions.com

Seeja 15/162, Near Collector's Bungalow, college road, Palakkad Palakkad Town, Palakkad - 678001




K.V Mohan Warrier

About Valluvanad Construction

Valluvanad Construction is a pioneer building in kerala specializing in modern Nalukettu.
We undertake construction works based on Vasthu principles. Appropriate implementation of vasthu ensures
you a hassle-free environment. Our projects are purely based on EFL concept(Eco-Friendly Living concept)
which guarantees you peace of mind. we are exploring our traditional roots for better living condition with modern amenities. For more videos www.valluvanad constructions.com

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