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NTL Consultancy

NTL, Noble Arcade, Opp Sub Registrar Office, Kannur Town, Kannur - 670002
9562773458 / 04972766661
Nikhil Nandoth

9am - 5pm

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Business Description.

NTL is a young company specialized in Opensource Technologies established in Kannur, Kerala. NTL Consultancy is the leading software developers & Web designing and developers from Kannur. We design, develop, & support Software using integrated and sophisticated state-of-the-art technology. We strongly believes in the strength and role of technology in the routine of business. Our Team is always searching for the latest sophisticated tools and ideas in order to reduce the complexity of our business environment. Our approach to your business needs is simple with perfection, and delivers leading-edge technology in the competitive market with best practice and standards. Our work is based on Open Source Program. The main advantage of it is the availability of the source code and the right to modify it.

Business Highlights.

Web/Graphic/Logo Designing & Software Development * SEO & SEM * Micro & E commerce websites * Online Applications * Vehicle Graphics * Email Creatives * Presentation Tools * Brochures * Leaflets * Business Cards * Flyers * Research Projec

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