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Rubber Smoke House and Furnace in Concrete Technol

Virgo Industries,Velielchal,Thattekkadu PO,Kothamangalam,Ernakulam District,Kerala, Kothamangalam, Kothamanagalam, Ernakulam - 686691
9048365013 / 04852571106
Joby Sebastian

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Business Description.

Furnace- FireTech for Rubber Smoke house and Driers (Approved by Rubber Board India) with 5 year replacement guarranty, used for drying rubbersheets and agro products will be available on demand and will be installed in the location. We use innovative furnace technology with low fuel consumption, high heat retaining capacity and low cost ( 1/5th th price of cast iron furnace).FireTech is time proven time tested furnace (20 years of proven track record).. With FireTech Furnace we install rubber smoke house of different sizes and capacity. It can be fixed to any existing smoke house with no yearly maintenance. - A product of Virgo Industries

Business Highlights.

Rubber Board Approved FireTech Furnace

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