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Automatic Organic Waste Processing equipment (OWC)

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George Jacob

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About WAENGA Solutions LLP

We are the project engineering company for Automatic Organic Waste Processing equipment's (OWC), based at Banglore.
Salient Features of the product
Fully Automatic (Fill It / Shut it / Forget It)
•Composts all types of food
•Composting in about 2-3 days
•Low Noise
•Labour free/ Low process handling
•80-90% volume reduction in 24 hours
•Remove compost once in 10 days
•Very low Operational cost
•Minimum space occupancy/ Compact
•No Pathogens, safe for human handling
•Never attracts insects/flies
•Very good aesthetics
•Continuous Composting
•Stainless Steel tank, Life of 25+ yrs;
•Excellent quality compost in short time

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