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Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

Schneider Elctric India Pvt Ltd, Rajaji Road, Cochin, Ernakulam - 682035
9447796394 / 3048406
3048405 (FAX)

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Business Description.

We Schneider Electric is a French based Global Specialist In Energy Mangement and we "Help The People To Achive More With Less ". Schneider has a wide range of productss like- Ring Main Units or RMU,VCB, BBT or Compact Busbar Trunking System ,ACB,MCCB,SFU,MPCB,Contactors,Relays,MCB,DB,Home Auotamation ,Modular Swithes,Meters ,Capacitors, Data Cables,Security Systems, UPS & BMS or Building Management System. We offers a a cutting Edge technology in most of our products and has a strong sales and service Network across the Globe.

Business Highlights.

Global Specialist In Energy Management / MV & LV Switchgears.

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